Clubhouse Improvements


Joe Buczynski
Kim Myers
Terrie Freidah
Mike Ksenich
Steve Reinhart
Bill Freidah

Clubhouse Improvements Report

The Clubhouse improvements committee met last fall and prioritized a list of clubhouse improvements. Our purpose was to present to the LOC BoD the results of the Committee’s study and review with the board the contractor comparisons with the goal that the board would select a contractor to perform the work. The committee recommended the following improvements for the LOC Clubhouse Improvements. RFP approved and issued to three contractors and two supplied proposals. The proposals were provided to the BoD and a contractor was selected (Hall Construction).

Phase I Schedule May 2nd – June 24th 2022

  • Remove and replace all 15 windows (APPROVED)
  • Upgrade Electric (APPROVED)
  • Modify Plumbing (APPROVED)
  • Modify Ceiling (Undecided)
  • Remove existing Storage area walls (APPROVED)
  • Funding under contract to date is $39,264.35 versus budget of $50,000 for 2022.
Phase II Committee Study with goal to complete construction by Oct 15, 2022
  • Bathrooms- Explore and propose new walls, ceiling, toilets, vanities, and paint which will include the doors. Paint or epoxy floors
  • Update remaining area of old kitchen
  • Budget remaining- $10,735.65

Phase III Sep 2022 to June 2023

  • Propose new functional kitchen- size, content, and location. Stove, large double door refrigerator, sinks, counters, cabinets, etc.
  • Create storage area for office files
  • Add an outside storage shed for items that should not be stored in the clubhouse.
  • Explore adding interior wall treatments to improve aesthetics and sound reduction
  • Add outside firepit for LOC gatherings and concerts
  • Explore paint vs epoxy for clubhouse floors
Phase IV- Sep 2022 to June 2024

Committee to discuss and recommend additional improvements
  • Remove garage door and replace with double door opening outward
  • Explore replacing the side door and rear door with new units and screen doors
  • Explore adding covered patio to front of clubhouse similar to photo
  • Modify clubhouse for winter use such as ice skating parties and such. This would require at a minimum- insulation, ensuring well water lines below frost line, Heat source.
  • Beyond that we might add a fireplace and other amenities.