New Milford Town Meeting 6/21/2023 7:30PM

To LOC Membership:

Update to Sewer Report- At the May 17 NMT monthly meeting we were informed that NMT had submitted the required Needs Survey Report to PADEP. The report is ~16 months late to need from when the township actually performed the actual survey. Extremely slow process. The township’s response as to why the report took so long was “DEP added new requirements for the report.” I have tried to communicate many times with DEP but have not received any response to date. I will continue to press both NMT and DEP for information.

The next township monthly meeting is June 21 @ 7:30pm @ the township hall on Rt 11 outside New Milford going northbound. Hope to see you there.

Bill Friedah

Update to Boating Regulations 5/31/2023

New Boat Regulation

At a meeting held on Wednesday, May 31, 2023,  the Board of Directors passed the following new rule for speed boat motors and boat sizes on Page Lake.

  1. A watercraft classified not to exceed 16 feet (manufacturer’s designation) with a dry weight not to exceed 1000 lbs with a motor not to exceed 60 HP will be allowed on the lake;
  2. A watercraft classified not to exceed 16 feet (manufacturer’s designation)  with a dry weight between 1001 to 1500 lbs with a motor not to exceed 75 HP will be allowed on the lake.  

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Read more: Update to Boating Regulations 5/31/2023

2022 Annual Meeting Agenda

2022 Annual General Membership Meeting Agenda

7/2/2022 10 AM

  1. Welcome and Recognitions–Randy DeAngelo
  2. Approval of the minutes from 7/3/2021 Annual General Membership Meeting–Chris Lake
  3. Treasurer’s Report–Andrea Cole
  4. Presentation on moving from 501c7 (Non-profit) to C- Corp–Attorney Alex Snyder
  5. New website presentation for–Mary DeAngelo
  6. Water studies update/ Fish update–Randy DeAngelo
  7. Sewer update–Bill Friedah
  8. Dam/ Inlets and Dredging presentation–Randy DeAngelo
  9. Voting for Officers (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary)
  10. Voting for Directors (East Lake Shore Dr., Lake Shore Dr., South Shore Drive., Warren Park Road)
  11. Motion to increase boat and engine size – discussion and full membership vote
  12. Future board initiatives:
  13. Complete review, and revision, if necessary, of Rules and Regulations and the By-Laws to be inline with current C-Corp status.
  14. Move forward with the Major Initiatives, working with outside agencies and experts. 
  15. Conduct a comprehensive study on the effects of winter drawdown vs. temporary drawdown.
  16. Continue necessary renovations of Clubhouse. 
  17. New Business from General Membership
  18. Closing reminders

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